The Notify App

Effortlessly turn your mobile website
into an app for iOS and Android.

The Notify App

Online Marketing Streamlined.

The Notify App connects you directly to your customers without the headaches of developing and maintaining a standalone app. Whether your site is optimized for mobile or not, The Notify App will bridge the gap to mobile.

Push Notifications:

Never worry about alerting mobile users again. The Notify App automatically compiles posts from all your social media platforms (Currently Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) and RSS feeds from your web site. Every time you post Notify alerts your users through push notifications.


The Notify App is optimized to run on iOS and Android, creating a seamlessly smooth experience for every user.

Real-time Data Synchronization:

The App regularly gathers the newest material from your web platforms to ensure that customers receive the most recent and relevant information.


Adopt an arrangement that represents your company. Drawing from your own colors and designs, the Notify App creates a custom profile that reflects your brand image.


A new era of marketing

Now with the Notify App you have it at your fingertips

Digital Integration:

With the Notify App, all your social media posts and website changes will be consolidated in one place for Notify users to easily access and follow.

The Mobile Connection:

Expand your follower-base and easily promote your ideas by allowing users to access all your information in one place on their phones.

Enhanced Customer Relationships:

The Notify App provides direct communication between you and your clients to help you build and retain your user base.

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